A. Papa. J.
An Improper Incident at Päraküla

It is a vivacious tumult where the Mayor and his daughter Meeri, the patrolman Kord, a music director, an Old Senile Scoutmaster, a bear, a witch and a biology teacher - and of course all the Päraküla schoolboys - all contribute. The adventures are further brought to life by the author's illustrations.
Päraküla is a literary fiction - it is a place where all blithering adventures are possible.


Margo Turro
Summer Shadows

It is a swinging juvenile narration about four soldiers whose unshakable friendship cannot be jostled neither by women nor by jointly committed assassinations.


Ketlin Priilinn
Almost Cinderella

13 year old Emilia is for the most part an ordinary girl but unlike many others she has no mother. She only has a stepmother she does not like at all. The girl finds it distinctly gruesome that a strange old woman with her little son has managed to settle herself into her and her father's home.
Together with her best friend Getter she devises a plan how to turn the stepmother out of the house once and for all.


Ketlin Priilinn
Stories about dogs

A hearty set of stories about Scottish terriers and also about some other nice dogs. These are stories that make the business days more colourful and Sundays more pleasant. At least for all those who like dogs.


Siiri Pärkson
Missis Veiderval

An exciting youth narrative where early teenagers Tom and Fenni suspect the new mother tongue teacher in a jewellery theft and in an attack to the most known old lady in the small town.
What else could be expected from the teacher who is caught by Fenni by climbing in through the window of Missis Veiderval and whose later acting does not question her criminal turn of mind in any way?
The youths have an at first sight unsolvable problem: how to make the grown-ups to believe the results of their detective work. Not to talk about this that in the meantime they have to live a so-called normal teenager life besides the catching of jewellery thieves … There are illustrations by Ave Frischeri and Julija Dmitrijeva, which add a joy of sight to the gripping thriller.


Karolin Kevend
The colour book of the Brother

Hearty story about a little boy called Kermo and about his doings in an Estonian village that is "one of many but however so little that the bus drives only couple times a day through it. And that is why nobody knows exactly what all can happen in this village."
Readers can share everything that happens in a pleasant way - the colouring of the pictures in the book has been left to the reader as well as the solving of mysteries and crosswords. The story itself can be nice reading also for bigger readers.



Karolin Kevend
The Brother goes to the forest

Kermo and his favourite doll Brother explore the nature, the plants and the animals.


Mari-Leen Lember
Openly about Arnold

Primarily to the youth directed narrative where the author analyses her relationship with the scandalous and bisexual Estonian pop-singer Arnold Oksmaa.