Hugo Murre
Your Sentence - 20 years as Director of the Drama Theatre

Hugo Murre is the most experienced theatre director in Estonia - the only one who has done this work for 20 years at a run. The book "Your Sentence - 20 years as Director of the Drama Theatre" exposes the life and the environment of the theatre spanning the period from 1950 to 1970, providing us information not only about the concrete theatre but also about the environment of the whole epoch. Nowadays, there has only been little talk about this specific period, however the theatrical life of that time was full of cultural events that are even today worth of reminding of.
In order to make it possible for the culture and the theatre enchantment to arise there are many necessary elements and creating them in a theatre is the task of the director. Thanks to the sense of humour surpassing the yoke of ages and to the analytic administrative wisdom his memoirs could be of interest for everyone who is in present directing a more or less creative collective or a working team. How to divide time, how to control stars, how to encourage becoming a star … These questions are equally actual not only in a theatre but also … even in an advertising agency.
The theatre as we recognize it would not be the same without wonderful actors and directors, without creation stress and stage fright. Hugo Murre's human and warm memories help the older generation to remind of the once seen favourite performances and the younger readers to learn about the youth of the beloved aged culture icons.

Aime Piirsalu, Ülle Suur, Raivo Joosep Raave
With father in love and in shame

The basis of this book is a contest of creative works "The life with father in the changing time", arranged by teacher Aime Piirsalu where did participate hundreds of children.
The arrived works were divided by Aime in twelve different categories - all according to this what did the children write about their fathers.
These are very honest letters. Some of them make the reader to smirk happily and to recall the childhood. Some of these letters are very painful. And also make the reader to recall the childhood...
Aime Piirsalu has worked with the letters and the thoughts she became from the letters some years before the book started to arise. In order to understand why is the life of the families of that kind that it is Aime went deep to the history - where could be the roots of growing to a man and to a woman, to a father and to a mother? So the essays of this book were born.
The theologian Raivo J. Raave wrote the essay "About the indispensability of a father" that refers in many cases to modern sex researches.
The psychologist Ülle Suur helps the parents and the teachers by understanding of the children's paintings. These consist often thoughts and emotional experience which cannot be formed into words or which are too frightening for it.
Kadri Põlm
A little lexicon of dream symbols

A helper with a psychoanalytic tendency for interpretation of the dreamt symbols.

Asso Kommer
Wild track

The most beloved camping textbook in Estonian that has found its place on the reading table of many persons interested in nature and in sport and youth workers.
Pedagogue and youth worker Asso Kommer is the right person to advise on the matter of camping, this activity is for him both work and hobby by the time he is free from writing.
The additional values of the Wild track are the hearty caricatures of young artist Helena Uri.