"The Virgin of Livonia", a novel by Uido Truija embraces the history of Estonia and Livonia from the beginning of written history until 1991, when Estonia was declared a republic. The book is dedicated to the Livonians who no longer exist as a nation.
The development and perishing of Livonia is a part of the whole history of Europe, as well as the tribulations that seized Estonia. As an odd paradox, the written history of Estonians and Livonians starts with bringing Christianity to these countries - with which the story of their tribulations begins as well. But is history not filled with paradoxes…?
Uido Truija is a skilful storyteller. He neither judges nor looks for excuses - from his book the reader will find out what the maze of history brought to the people of that time, who had to manage without the help of great leaders or even despite of them.
The author has filled a huge gap in the approach of historical writings, trying to tell the events through the eyes of women who lived, loved and raised children at that time. The women described are peasant women, city-girls and noble ladies - each one of them having their own role in the process of history. The 13 chapters of the novel have been named after women. Each chapter is tied to one woman: the woman having her own name, dreams, hopes, and destiny.
Women do not give birth to their sons to send them away to war, exhorts the author. Every woman wishes subconsciously that her son, when grown into a man, would offer the opposite sex the same happiness that his mother had experienced which resulted in giving birth to him.
In addition to the emotional inspiration the "The Virgin of Livonia" has educational value as well. Even though the main characters are literary, the author has originated from the real historical events in his descriptions and chronology of events. Thus the novel can also be recommended to students who wish to understand their own country's and the smaller European countries' history better as well as the pristine nature of the culture of these countries.

About the author

Uido Truija comes from South Estonia.
Uido Truija is known as a lawyer as well as a skilful novel writer. Before "The Virgin of Livonia" he has written three literary works and about ten handbooks on law.

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