A Man Who Was Afraid
Urmas Espenberg

"A Man Who Was Afraid" is the story about three different men, whom lives are impacted and directed by terrible emotion named - f e a r. It is not true, that most of men wouldn't be afraid of anything. They would, even though their fears are a bit different than the fears of women. Fear is also the main hero in this novel. What kind of fear we are talking about? It could be anything to be afraid of - emptiness of life, senseness of existance, roughness and cruelty of society, sadness of death, totalitarity, depression, hopelessness, stupidity.
This novel is also searching an answer to the question - can somebody's life be ruled by person himself or is it always driven from outside? Guided for example by society, God or somebody else, maybe some unknown forces of Universe?
This book also tells us about misunderstanding or missing the skill to listen or understand other people, also the Nature and signs of our everyday life. People are not able to recognize neither truth, friendship, love, talent, hope nor faith, even then these things are looking directly into their eyes. They also can't recognize God and his messengers and also the Devil and forces of darkness.

Tallinn 2009
Publisher: Kentaur
240 pages

Play "Prolonged applause"
Selected essays (2004-2006)
Rein Veidemann 60 (Anniversary interview)

Urmas Espenberg was known as one of the establishers of estonian modern male erotic novel, but the range of his writing is far more wide. Author's favourite topics are different historical, philosophical and cultural problems in society. This small edition includes several piecies.
At the beginning we find the first play of author, what he started already in 1988-90, but re-write later several times. "Prolonged applause" discribes the life of late Soviet era under the severe regime of Leonid Iljitš Brežnev (so called stagnation period in society). The second main topic of play is the hopelessness of everyday provincial life. Does'nt matter where, although in Tscekhov's Taganrog, Vonnegut's Midland City or authors Tartu (the midsize university city in south of Estonia). The gengre of the play we can call as comical tradegy or as it use to be called - laugh thru the tears.
The second part of the book consists the best essays of Urmas Espenberg from period 2004-2006. The main topics in those articles are film, everyday life and the sense of existence. Essay "Estonian Republic and It's Heros" was one of the winners of National story competition: "15 Years of Freedom".
So our present and past, history and future, all together, hand in hands. Where we've been, where we are now and where are we going in the future? What we must learn from the lessons of the past? What we have to learn from the lessons of April/May in Tallinn streets 2007?

Tallinn 2007
Publisher: Kentaur
96 pages


"Fettered by Eros" is practical and theoretical textbook at the same time. Its main goal is take a deep and close look into the mysterious world of human sexuality and to achive better and complete understanding of love and sex. This book is based on scientific analysis, sociological polls and sexological research, but by style its rather essay or popular non-fiction literature than typical dry scientific survey. You can take it as the interdisciplinary attempt or discourse which is trying to research human erotic phenomena with consideration of all its basic aspects - historical, medical, philosophical, socilogical, religious, e.t.c. This work is telling you how we feel and think about sex and love rather than teaches how to make a perfect sexual intercourse.

Tallinn 2005
Publisher: Pegasus
330 pages


Descrete Passion is the newest and maturest novel of Urmas Espenberg. This multidimensional and exciting story is based on reality everyday life of Estonia and his people.
The two main heroes have very different lives and social statuses. Rich businessman, new crownmillioner Raoul Bekker is going thru the family crises and fights with his bisexuality.
Former star journalist and intellectual Mart Sanglepp has lost his job and glory and became unemployed. Now he is trying to find some survival points in human jungle of early estonian capitalism.
Both roads are hard and complicated, both men try to figure out what is the essence of their lives, what is real meaning of phenomenas like love, family, happiness, social career?
The main action is taking place in Estonian capitol Tallinn and its neighbourhoods- in city offices, bureaus, hotels, bars and rich people residental areas at the seashore village called Tiskre.

Tallinn 2004
Publisher: Kentaur
190 pages


Second part of dilogy Eginox of Tequila.
Roald Bergson has finally made decision - he has now experienced enough, his curiosity about sex and love is finally satisfied and he have to find himself a wife, one certain new lady, partner for marrige to share life and death till the end of his days.
But its not that simple! There is a seriuos problem- how to find that kind of female? how to know is this lady that Mrs. Right, woman he really seeks and needs? How to be sure that she is not again just another player, lady gambler, with sophisticated and cruel hidden secret plans?
Good book for those who are intended to start and seek new relationships by using help of newspaper or internet ad for dating. After reading that novel the readers can certainly avoid fatal mistekes made by Roald and other persons in this novel. Do they...?

Tallinn 2003
Publisher: Kollane Raamat
224 pages

The main hero of the novel Roald Bergson likes to go deep in his intimate relationships, but its very hard for him to find one certain lady, one certain girl or woman, the kind of Misses Right . . .
For Roald the quality of relationships and sex is much more imortant than amount of different sexual partners. Although after the years of unhappy marrige and breakout of that relationship he became very sensitive and have no rush to get involved into new marriage very quikly.
There is so muh new things and different sides of sex and lovelife, that Roald wants to try and enjoy before any next serious commitment. . . so all his life turns soon into a burning and passionate sexual theatre with all kind exciting adventures and pleaserous erotic games with all kind of different females including even group sex.
Roald Bergson is working as marketing manager in one big telecommunication company, so besides love, passion and sex the readers will be taken also to the everyday world of marketing life with its casual problems, prolapsies and victories.
First part of dilogy.

Tallinn 2003
Publisher: Kollane Raamat
194 pages